Download Security Agent

Visral communication requires the installation of the Visral Security Agent.

By clicking the I Agree & Download button below,you are confirming that you have read and agree to be bound by the above Beta End User License Agreement.

Product Description Release File
  Visral 4 Security Agent (Beta)

The Visral certificate is out of date so please follow the procedure below to install the application. (This is for Windows 10 and IE. Other combinations may be slightly different.)

  • Enter the password and press "I Agree & Download".
  • On the menu at the bottom of the page press "Save".
  • On the next menu at the bottom of the page press "Run".
  • On the "Windows protected your PC" pop up menu press "More info".
  • More lines will appear. Then press "Run anyway".
  • The next menu will start with "Do you want to run this ..."; press "Yes".
  • The Visral installer will become visible. Follow its instructions.

When the installation is complete, launch the application, click the Register tab, and fill in the form. following its completion click the REGISTER button. When the verification email is received, copy and paste the activation code to the space provided and click ACTIVATE. At that point you will be able to switch to the Login tab and sign into your account.

As long as the application is running, you will have the ability to connect through the high security Visral Network. Stopping the application will secure all communicated email and data.