Visral the Secure Comm Fabric

Secured communications: emails, messages, chats, files, pictures,
videos, directories, flying web pages, and complete sites,
Employ protected interactive forms
Establish work/family groups/channels
Manage user rights: follow, contribute, ...
Send and receive standard email
Supports standard email CC and BCC


Tri-factor authentication (MFA3) with device hardware serial no.
RSA4096/2048 and AES256 (AES-256-CTR+HMAC-SHA256)
PKCS#11 for storage and optionally utilize corporate HSM
Dynamically changing IPs, port addresses, session keys, and ...
All Comm content on user device is encrypted when logged out
Can run off line when in locations with potential hostel networks
Real-time verification and clearance levels certify content originator
Concurrent channels provide immunity from interception (MITM)

Self Defence

  • Visral displayed content originates from an embedded server, allowing decryption, analysis, and avoidance of direct Internet connections.
  • Links are intercepted offering the option of searching or verifying before committing.
  • Results of links are always redirected to a separate browser tab for protection.
  • User accessible lock box for sensitive data.
  • Content remains encrypted until specifically decrypted, and then only while displayed.
  • Deleted content is always shredded using the 7-pass DOD Standard.

Encrypted Username/Password local storage

To facilitate recovering lost username and password, fill in questions and one word answers. Then enter username and password, and press the lock.

Question Answer

Not all question/answers need be filled in, but those that are will need to be answered to recover information.

Assign a private transfer Server

Step 1: Enter the Hosting address below. Ex:

Step 2: Set transfer directory limits in Kbytes and then generate "atrans.php". (Will ask for a temp location to save it.)

Step 3: On the actual host whose location is shown above, create a directory named "_stepper" with permission set to 755, and install the file "atrans.php" into it.

Notes: The "atrans.php" file is unique to each account.

Add another computer to an existing account

Step 1: Before registering the new machine, enter the username and password for the original machine below, and press the key.

Step 2: Follow the standard registration procedure for the new machine except use the code below as the username and the same password as the original machine.

Upon completion the original username and password will permit logging on from either machine.

Add a credit card to the account

Not required. Only necessary to increase clearance level to 3.
Re-enter username and password to begin the process.

Note: You will receive a conformation post when complete.

Legacy email passkeys

Record passkey to block spam from legacy email.
Email address should appear as
Without entering a passkey all legacy email will be accepted.

A passkey can include up to 8 numbers and letters.
Press the check mark to save.

Note: Particularly useful in providing increased security against hacking of email addresses used in sensitive accounts such as banking, conventional email, and social media.


Set INBOX Storage limits. After overflow oldest deleted.

Set CHAT Storage limits. After overflow oldest deleted.

Set SENT Storage limits. After overflow oldest deleted.

Set SAVED Storage limits. After overflow oldest deleted.

Directory Destination

Enter destination for transferred directories.

Enter name to be displayed on emails.

Select portrait to be shown on emails and chats.

Select default search engine.

 Use private transfer Server
 Emulate Twitter/FaceBook
 Enable Super Agent Functionality
 Audible Notifications

System response.

Change Password.    

Wait for conformation that the change has been accepted.
The Recover menu must be filled out again to store new password.

 Urgent Message
 Asym Encryption
 Suppress Preview