Secure Social Media & Email

  1. Introduction
    Consumer vs Professional Expectations
  2. Getting Started
    Signing Up and In
  3. Connecting
    Lobby, Search, Posts, Email
  4. Publishing
    Contacts, Channels, ...

Legacy Social Media

No Guarantees

  • You may or may not receive the posts that are intended for you.
  • (Corollary) Those who should, may or may not get your posts.
  • Posts may or may not be in order, show up the same day, or even disappear.

Monetized & Scrutinized

  • Your content, disclosures, and the right to them is in other's hands, effectively forever.
  • Every word you type, image you post, and video you upload is subject to analysis and the potential of being monetized or blocked.

Legacy Email

Phishing & Ransomware

  • If hackers hit the site hosting your email, you may lose the ability to reset and access all your other accounts.
  • Click the wrong image or link and hand over control of your business and inviolability.
  • And then there's Spam.

Secure Social Media & Email


  • Posts are received in order and never missing. Same as would be expected from email.
  • The source of a post can never be spoofed or faked (as in phishing). Not the same as email.

Governance and Ownership

  • Putting control and ownership in the hands of the account holder, not a mega corporation.
  • Do you know were your data is? With Visral you do. Micro Social Media App, gives the user the power to host their own posts, photos, videos, channels, ...
  • Provides the ability to publish Twitter like channels allowing contributors and user control of content acceptability.

Security and Privacy

  • Only channel members (followers) have the ability to receive and decipher the content of a user's posts.
  • Reliability, protections, and facilities support the alternative of using posts as a substitute for email.
    No spam. No phishing. No ransomware. No Bots.
  • No More: Click to download pictures. To help protect your privacy. Outlook prevented automatic download of some pictures in this message.
  • No need to keep checking the junk mail folder just in case. Eliminates the embarrassment or lost opportunity from junk mail that - well - wasn't.
  • Securely transfer any type of file. Control document exchanges during mergers. Provide exclusive stock information to clientele. Securely exchange technical design/code elements during project developments.
  • Secure bi-directional channels for group activities among friends, customers, clients, patients, organizations, businesses and professionals.