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Beta Release

The purpose of the Beta release is to find flaws and weaknesses if there are any.

The DOE trial system is specified to provide reasonable performance for in excess of 1 million users. However unexpected issues could impact that, at least until they are resolved. Updating the Dispatcher or bringing more resources on-line could disable the system for up to 4 hours.

The DOE security mechanisms and protocols should not produce any problems or expose one's content as they have had fairly extensive testing and are designed to fail safe. However, it is a Beta and should not be used for critical communications or one-of-a-kind document, data, or image transfers until the GA release.

DOE Release Notes

  1. The ability to add more machines to the same account has been disabled. Although the Dispatcher will issue a special username, it will not process the request to link to the original account.
  2. The collaboration schedules and tasks features for use with email/posts, and the Harvesting functions will not be available until a later release.